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Contrast-enhanced ultrasound of malignant liver lesions. Durot Isabelle,Wilson Stephanie R,Willmann Jürgen K Abdominal radiology (New York) Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is a safe, relatively inexpensive, and widely available imaging technique using dedicated imaging ultrasound sequences and FDA-approved contrast microbubbles that allow detection and characterization of malignant focal liver lesions with high diagnostic accuracy. CEUS provides dynamic real-time imaging with high spatial and temporal capability, allowing for unique contributions to the already established protocols for diagnosing focal liver lesions using CT and MR imaging. In patients with lesions indeterminate on CT and MRI, CEUS is a helpful problem-solving complementary tool that improves patient management. Furthermore, CEUS assists guidance of liver biopsies and local treatment. Variations of CEUS such as DCE-US and ultrasound molecular imaging are emerging for quantitative monitoring of treatment effects and possible earlier detection of cancer. In this review, basic principles of CEUS techniques and ultrasound contrast agents along with a description of the enhancement patterns of malignant liver lesions are summarized. Also, a discussion of the role of CEUS for treatment guidance and monitoring, intraoperative CEUS, and an outlook on emerging applications is provided. 10.1007/s00261-017-1360-8